Parents are Partners

Because our parents are our partners, we use the latest technology to keep them informed and engaged in their child’s education.

We also know that parents are really busy people so we provide online tools to make it easy for them to stay informed and take care of things like payments.


We use this safe and secure software to create daily reports and share information with parents by text and email. We can share daily reports, photos, videos, notes and reminders instantly to parents' emails throughout the day. We’ll let our parents know what we’re working on in school so that they can continue that education at home. We’ll send emails out to our parents or notify all parents by text message of school closings or other urgent messages.

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You’ll receive instructions to sign up for Brightwheels in your welcome information. If you have questions, contact your family advocate.

Tadpole App

You can also download the Tadpole Parent app for iPhone, iPad or Android phone.